Notice of 01st Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Company for the Financial year 2023-24 and other relevent documents

Shareholding Pattern

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2016-2017 June-16 Sept-16 Dec-16 March-17
2017-2018 June-17 Sept-17 Dec-17 March-18
2018-2019 June-18 Sept-18 Dec-18 March-19
2019-2020 June-19 Sept-19 Dec-19 March-20
2020-2021 June'20 Sept-20 Dec'20 March-21
2021-2022 June'21 Sept'21 Dec'21 March-22
2022-2023 June'22 Sep'22 Dec'22 March-23
2023-2024 June'23 Sep'23 Dec'23 ---